Yeni Hamam


Ottoman Monument

The Yeni Hamam is located in the northern part of the downtown, north of the church of Agios Dimitrios, at the junction of Cassandrou and Agiou Nikolaou streets. It is an Ottoman bath, built in the last quarter of the 16th century by Hüsrev Kedhuda, who was the owner of estate in Thessaloniki. The building was double, that means it was intended for both men and women, featuring separate appartments for each sex, which comprised a single architectural ensemble. However, during the 20th century the monument, due to the change of its use, has undergone major interventions and amendments unrelated to its character, which resulted in a great distortion of its original form.
The Yeni Hamam remained active as a bath until the liberation of Thessaloniki in 1912.In 1919, it came to the Greek State, while in 1937 it was bought by an individual. After its sale,it was used initially as a warehouse and then it was converted into a cinema. The two halls on the east side of the building, which were covered with large hemispherical domes, were preserved, but internally they were unified (with the demolition of the wall that stood between them) and they housed the winter cinema "Aigli", the function of which ceased in 1978; Today, at this place it is hosted a music-theater that holds the same name. The rooms and areas on the west side of the building had a different fate, as they were demolished and removed, in order to be figured in their place the namesake open-air cinema, which is still in operation nowadays.