Museum of the Macedonian Struggle Foundation



The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle Foundation ( is located in the heart of the historical centre of Thessaloniki, situated in a neo-classical building designed by the renowned German architect Ernst Ziller and built in 1893.

The Museum presents the modern and contemporary history of Macedonia through its rich collection of rare 19th and 20th century artefacts related to everyday life in Macedonia, weaponry and personal objects of fighters, as well as rare original documents and graphical illustrations. The visitor learns about the unconventional nature of the Macedonian Struggle, as well as the social, economic, political and military developments that shaped the contemporary history of the region, forming a comprehensive view, not only of the revolutionary movements in the area, but also of the rapidly changing society of the southern Balkans and its dilemmas between tradition and modernization. Brief documentary films inform visitors on later historical developments in Hellenic Macedonia as well as other relevant topics.

In the basement of the Museum four life-size dioramas bring to life the history presented in the floors above:

  • A Greek school, with a Greek fighter hastily concealing himself as an Ottoman gendarme bursts into the building.
  • A skirmish between Greek and Bulgarian guerrilla fighters among the reeds and cogon grass of the lake of Yiannitsa.
  • A Greek agent arriving at the railway station in Florina in the guise of a teacher.
  • Greek and Bulgarian guerrillas fighting in the mountains of western Macedonia

The Foundation’s Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation maintains a specialised library and electronic databases, collects and processes archival material, publishes monographs and studies, organises seminars and conferences and provides information and documentation to interested parties.  

The museum is open Monday-Friday,  9.00-14.00, Sat: 10.00-14.00. The library and the archives are available to the public Monday-Friday 9.00-14.00