Residence of Moustafa Kemal Atatourk


19th century

Moustafa Kemal Atatourk, Turkish military officer and politician, reformer of the modern Turkish state, founder and first president of the Turkish Republic, was born on March 12, 1881 in Thessaloniki. His parental residence is located in the eastern part of downtown, at the junction of Agiou Dimitriou and Apostolou Paulou streets, next to the Turkish consulate. This is a traditional building constructed before 1870. In 1935, it was granted by the City of Thessaloniki to the Turkish state, which turned it into a museum dedicated to its great leader. In 1981, its original color (pink) was repaired and repainted. In May 2011, the Central Council of Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture unanimously decided to proceed with the declaration of the building as a monument.
The residence, where Moustafa Kemal Atatourk was born and spent the first years of his life, consists of the ground floor, two floors and a courtyard. On the ground, there are formed four rooms, which are not of particular interest. On the first floor, there is the lounge for foreigners with European couches, a large daily room with “minteria” (kind of low oriental couch), the room of Kemal’s mother and the kitchen with the cooking utensils of the time. On the second floor, boasts the room where it is presumed that Atatourk was born, a spacious room with a “minteri”, his office and a large brazier. There is,also,another room, where there are displayed Kemal’s personal items originated from Ankara, as well as official clothing, smokers, cutlery etc. Most of the furniture is original, but in cases of absences there were placed furniture that came from the Mausoleum of Atatourk in Ankara and the Top Kapi of Constantinople. On the walls, there are hung pictures of Kemal in various stages of his life, as well as documents from his school life, while in the courtyard there is a pomegranate tree planted by his father.