Thessaloniki: Capturing "yesterday" into the city of "today"

A bilingual book (Greek -English) about the city of Thessaloniki. Spyros Dim. Tsafaras invites us, through his photographs and his texts, in a fascinating journey in space and time and introduces us to Thessaloniki. A modern city that has already completed twenty-three centuries of continuous historical presence. A populous and bustling city and simultaneously an exceptional and unique “open” art museum, thanks to the large number of great monuments of different eras and diverse cultures that are preserved scattered within the urban fabric. The inhabitants and visitors of Thessaloniki move, communicate, meet, function, express themselves, feel, live around and next to these monuments, amongst and in them, carelessly most of the time and often without any knowledge of their importance. The monuments themselves are at times lost within the modern environment that moves threateningly towards them, “chokes”, “oppresses” and “crushes” them. At times they stand out powerfully among the contemporary buildings, they emerge and become landmarks and points of reference. And sometimes they adjust totally to the urban scenery, they merge, mingle, transform into one. Yesterday and today, past and present, old and new, historical and modern, preservation and evolution, coexist and advance together, interact and complement each other, converse and discourse, contradict and collide. And they are permanently imprinted in the character and the atmosphere of Thessaloniki, as well as in the mind of anyone who wishes to approach, discover and interpret it. Elena Konstantinidou, Architect, Lecturer in the School of Architecture N.T.U.A.

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